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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lots happening

I have justfinished my second assignment for the term so I have time to post. The torsoes were submitted for the exhibition and rejected by my little art society in the suburbs of Melbourne (with a membership of 180) on the grounds that they were not a painting, My you think this is the Archibald prize? To which the answer...."rules is rules" or words to that effect. All hell is breaking out up there. My teacher is great and I have lots of friends who are abstract painters up there, but in order to have preference to show....Bowl of flowers...with white dot! Enough of that, if any of you are Mapp and Lucia people it is very "Tilling" and I can't help laughing about it all. Had the best time at Geelong Fibre Arts this year and worked with Bob Adams...a lovely gentle man, and we did discharge of various sorts on fabric. It was a super class with lovely people These are two pieces I made. The first is a little book I made up of a stitch-resest piece of black fabric...a tea cup.The second ie 4 small pieces a bit larger than A4 tracing the narrative of a cup. This was one of the possibilities for my assignment for Uni. I wrote a piece of doggerel to tell the story, but would feel diffident about airing it on this post. In this I used thiorox mixed with an alginate...manutex and did a monoprint for each one then added the cup with some stitching. I will post some of my assignment pieces tomorrow. I can not recommend Open University too much it is a fabulous way to study at your own pace. I am lucky that being a pensioner I can afford it, I do feel guilty a bit about having all this for free, but hopefully it will save the country ultimately, if I stave off the dementia!