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Friday, July 31, 2009

Episode 2

Here are some photos of the "inner city" pad.I had a removal firm unpack some of the stuff and this is how they left it...candles everywhere it looked quite glamorous which is just what you need after such an amazingly long and tiring day...they even made my bed!!!!! The last blog showed the less glamorous parts...the studio.
This is the "other"
I realise these photos are a bit away from the "art" work of the blogging sorority /fraternity but I have been talking about the move for many months and hopefully the art work can begin again...and of course the uni work
The next essay is about the influence of the orient on certain 19th and 20th century painters, so I am looking forward to getting stuck in to that.
These are the 3 quilts I made for the family from the fires, and fortunately they went off before the

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Furniture going

Big things are happening in the "moving stakes" my wonderful....large.......Victorian cedar table has gone, it has been a great friend, it was truly elegant when it was in the great dining room we used to have, but of late it has seen more robust use, including felting, building, painting, and of course eating!
I have always thought a table the centre of so much joy, when my parents were in England they were living for a while in a large house, but everyone came into the house through the kitchen and sat at the large table when they visited.

This is the interim trestle!


From the old "studio" to this

I will get there. This is actually now the 31st July so in one week things are improving, I will be able to fit it all in the room but I am yet to work out how/where I can actually "make" art.

So anyway, back to the "table", I bought one today!

I am having trouble moving the the next installment will be tomorrow.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


We all need it don't we? I went with Jo to the Firestation Print studio (it is in an old Fire Station) to see an exhibition of Bronwyn Rees work. I came back with the 'fire" again it has been sadly lacking in the maelstrom of History essays and packing up the house.
I MUST MAKE TIME FOR MY ART! This should be our mantra?
The exhibition was truly interesting with both of us the potential owners of her work, that is when the exhibition is over. The most exciting part for me was looking at her travel diary just in a simple spirex book but with lovely free naive watercolours, showing amazing confidence simply because of their naivity.
A while ago I mentioned making quilt for a friends family who lost everything in the recent bushfires.
This is one of them.

I mean to make more. Have made 2 patchwork ones for the children and one more to go.

I am the proud owner of a new first new car! afterdriving for 47 years!!!!!

So excited was I that i took some photos..and then played.

It is amazing what you unearth in the garage when you are moving house and "downsizing"

This was a collaborative pot made by my husband and myself and I had packed it away in preparation for glazing some time in the future..sadly I no longer do ceramics, so it will need to remain bisqued still makes me laugh.

This is a collage of the light through a new little bubble glass window I mean for it to be the beginning of a "piece"

Hope to begin catching up on reading the posts I have missed.