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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art in the 21st Century

While you can see this series through the internet, I am buying the dvds....they are so invigorating, actually seeing these somewhat avant guarde working and speaking about their work. I have been looking at Elizabeth Murray's work. I love the idea of making large works,these formed from individual shapes , hers are full of fun. So I will pursue the notion of the icecream cones I think. I get excited by seeing work on a large scale and then come to my small space so I have an enlargement on the pinboard. Then the one I am working on on the trestle Things are certainly bad when the only place to iron is on top of the guillotene! Nothing appears, however to be stopping me.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Butterfly'ing' again

Doing the washingup can take a long time, if you look out the window. I live in a small innercity house and I park my car in the back courtyard. Well, as I say, I looked out the window....and then had to get the camera. Then I had to collage them I had no idea what this was until I rotated it. Some time later I went down the street with the camera to take some photos for my new "Flowers" book. These 2 were just in my street My girlfriend of....?...years had a birthday recently and these were the place cards i made. It is amazing that for a declared 'colourist' I can be enjoy this structured graphic. My main concern for beginning this post was to ask advice for a bed-head/quilt I am making. I think that will be the next one. As there are more breakthroughs in medicine and we age the great fear seems to be some kind of dementia. I am sure that it is a common worry that we will "loose IT"! How to allay that fear is a constant battle. While I know some truly great and athletic minds have struggled with it, meaning that no amount of intellectual stimulation will keep it at bay for ever, I set myself tasks of memory. I am trying to memorize some Donne Sonnets with enormous difficulty. Though I worked as an actor, I never found memorizing easy, and the more anxiety associated with it, understudying for instance, the more difficult it was. I am encouraging myself by saying that this is the position for me now, lack of practice and very importantly lack of confidence. However it has awakened to the profundity of the metaphysicals especially Donne and my brothers recent death, ............... "One short sleepe past, wee wake eternally, And death shall be no more: death, thou shalt die." Next post will return to the mammoth question of what to do with the quilt on the bedhead!? However many times I try to space these paragraphs and lines out, it does not seem to work, so sorry it looks a little like James Joyce.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"House" sites

I have been surfing sites looking at interiors and lusted after so many.You can say goodbye to a productive life for the duration. It has caused me to really look at my own so I have included some to share. Often on these blogs or sites, they say there favourite "moments" in there here goes... This is a chair covered in an indian table cloth, love the colours as you can imagine. The torsoes, or at least 2 of them have found homes. This is the first thing you see inside the hall. My Greek neighbour found it a bit overwhelming and that was when I first moved in...she said "too much stuff" throwing her hands in the air...what would she say now. This is the chimney breast in my bedroom, can not make a decision about the other walls. The painting is unfinished, living in a small house with a small studio challenges the desire to make big works of art, so they are stored in various rooms. This is an old pedestal which has been outside so I "played" Here it is "in situ" A friend told me about 35 years ago that my idea of decorating was to "never give the eye a rest" it is my mantra...have not shown you the walls with the paintings! How lovely to see the pink leaves coming on the maple may mean (but not necessarily) that the cold weather is over ....? While my neighbour has her vision of my house another dear friend wants to bring anyone who is depressed to see my house, saying it would cheer them up. Isn't that a beautiful thing to say!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011