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Monday, January 25, 2010

More masks

I am still doing printing for my assignment. Still Black and white but I am up to making a book for the final assignment.
Now the notion of the book itself is not daunting, but our lecturer wants us to make a book...which is not a book....or something vague like that, talk about undirected learning!?
My topic is "Masks" and I guess for me it conjures up signatures, which may or may not be in the shape of a mask.
If anyone has any bright ideas, I would be grateful.
Here are some of the latest...The second is a print in white ink on the grey muslin then sewn over a clean blackink print on paper.
.This print above was done on the 'easy carve' block...while it is as it says, I find it difficult to get a fine could be a case of 'poor workman blaming tools'!
Whenever I have ink left over, I do something like this monoprint, sadly I do it without much thought and panic when the ink is before is not at all thought out.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The' very stuff' group met on Monday and our challenge was "Cirque" and this was mine.

It was such a change from the black and white I have been doing with the printing course. I am planning a series of these 'books' and they can be together like 'real' books.

I am working on' masks' and I did a monoprint yesterday which I like.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


We had our first meeting of the drawing a day good it was.
It was Trish, Cathie, Christine and Mim , and myself
We did a couple of drawings not lifting the pen from the paper, thought you may like to see them.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lovely day of kindness

I had a wonderful day yesterday, as well as meeting a lovely new neighbour and having coffee with a friend, my new electrician came to give me a qote for a job and fixed my television....just out of kindness, then I went to my Computerman Matt and he fixed the computer (I hope,...... it is quite temperamental) and there was no charge.
It was all really super I also 're-jigged' the wardrobe, having been admonished by my very smart 84 year old stepmother, for 'letting myself go'!!!!!(I do think that 'puting the face on" is tedious in comparison with playing in the studio!)
Here is a little bit of colour from yesterdays efforts.
This is a painting which has been waiting for ages to be finished, but I really like it so far, despite its lack of focus, so I do not know where to go with it,.....I just 'look' at it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot, hot, hot

It was 43 yesterday and little relief over night. While on the other side of the world........?So I decided to sit in the cool under the fan and work on a book for our group meeting next week. I used inks and a little stitching, I am now going to put some bleach on some and draw on more it will follow 'Murphy's Law' I will decorate until the final hour! How lovely it is to get back to colour (for a minute) in a break from printing for my course.Here is one of the last lino cuts I did on Masks. I have such a problem with the negative and positive spaces, however I guess it will come in time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Piano Deconstruction

Though I went to Jo (Mystory)'s piano dismantling I did NOT TAKE MY CAMERA!!!!!!
Now the good thing is there were so many cameras there that I was glad that the piano was not a car being driven down a tunnel in Paris (or is that bad taste) ?
If you check out Jo's Blog, then Art Box Diary then Ruminations Ramblings and Reflections then Ro Bruhn's Blog then you are sure to see how it went.
I met 2 new bloggers today in Rosie and Jason, and the amazing thing is that you know one another straight away....what a wonderful miracle!
We have our first meeting of our 'Drawing a Day' group (or DAD) next Sunday so I thought I would post a couple of mine in preparation.
The important thing is to make a mark every day.
Thought it might be good to see a 'before' and 'after" chair

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I have been doing a lino cut today, for Uni. we had to print every 10 mins, so that we could end up with 10 progressive prints.
My results were ghastly. So I will not display them.
This next one was a monoprint just using up the ink, but I think it was significant that I had just been looking at "death masks"

This next one was one of the early monoprints when I was looking at forests and their transformation.I really like this one.

More tomorrow.

If I keep it short I may be able to keep the blog 'on its toes'!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I have missed blogging so much, but because of Uni being "on-line" I seem to spend such a lot of time at the computer....but I love the fact that I will meet two( new to me) fellow bloggers on Sunday at Jo's (Mystory) makes me want to belong again.
I have been doing printing this term at Uni........All Black and White!!!!!!!! Imagine how difficult it has been for me.
However here are a couple of prints I have submitted for the assignment and I have a full day tomorrow.....printing!
These will not set the world on fire but it was my first lino-cut for a long time....I was working on the idea of "Transformation" our topic and then I decided to settle on 'Masks'.

I did love this monoprint which was a 'mistake' but one of the most pleasing. Looks like Anthony Quinn?

More tomorrow