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Monday, January 25, 2010

More masks

I am still doing printing for my assignment. Still Black and white but I am up to making a book for the final assignment.
Now the notion of the book itself is not daunting, but our lecturer wants us to make a book...which is not a book....or something vague like that, talk about undirected learning!?
My topic is "Masks" and I guess for me it conjures up signatures, which may or may not be in the shape of a mask.
If anyone has any bright ideas, I would be grateful.
Here are some of the latest...The second is a print in white ink on the grey muslin then sewn over a clean blackink print on paper.
.This print above was done on the 'easy carve' block...while it is as it says, I find it difficult to get a fine could be a case of 'poor workman blaming tools'!
Whenever I have ink left over, I do something like this monoprint, sadly I do it without much thought and panic when the ink is before is not at all thought out.


MiM said...

love the softcut print! x

Tania said...

Sometimes I reckon the 'not thought out' versions end up the happy accidents. In fact, you've inspired me to get on with my own 'not thought out'! (there has been some serious procrastination going on)...

Anonymous said...

I love whatever you have been doing here - I so admire artists and their work, the like of which I can never hope to achieve.

And thank you for your enigmatic comment on my latest post; I sometimes delve deep into the past, and what emerges is such a mix of remembrances and in a way a wonder that we ever did what we did.

With all good wishes, Ann from England.

HeartFire said...

What interesting things you have been doing Janette!

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