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Friday, September 18, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a day at the port

Just back from a wonderful day with the art class down on the port, we painted on the wharf and then went on a small boat close to the huge ships and cranes to take photos to use the kid's was "awesome"!

This is the class 'hard at it'!A montage from the day and then some very little drawings....not going to set the world on fire but it was such fun.

I felt so terribly fortunate to be out with such great people and having the best time 'playing'

I never stop reminding myself of how very lucky I am to have a passion....I know I have said this before.

Time now for a whisky!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Batik workshop

I have just mopped up half a tin of white house paint from the studio floor! I bet I'm an not alone in that "fun filler-in of time"!
Had a wonderful weekend at "Beautiful Silks" ....and I walked there and good is that.
Anyway I did a class with Els van Baarle a beautifully gentle and talented artist and teacher from the Netherlands.I especially was excited about using the Tjanting , and hope to really discover what it can do for me as soon as I can.
You know how sometimes you go to a class and you just wish, maybe, someone might have stayed home....well it was not like that, everyone was so super and the work really exciting.
These are my works and sadly the colours are not as vibrant as real life.
The bottom 2 are pieces of drawing paper, Els will use paper towel and even toilet paper but the secret is the layer of wax on the top, which gives it real stability.

Our group met at Carolyns last week and made more books this is mineThis a quick blog as time is very short but I do not want to lose contact with the friends in blogland, and please forgive me for not commenting, I love reading them but it is in snatches and I really appreciate the comments you give to me.