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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a day at the port

Just back from a wonderful day with the art class down on the port, we painted on the wharf and then went on a small boat close to the huge ships and cranes to take photos to use the kid's was "awesome"!

This is the class 'hard at it'!A montage from the day and then some very little drawings....not going to set the world on fire but it was such fun.

I felt so terribly fortunate to be out with such great people and having the best time 'playing'

I never stop reminding myself of how very lucky I am to have a passion....I know I have said this before.

Time now for a whisky!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and beautiful drawings. I haven't visited for a while and to my shame suddenly remember that I promised some blanket squares. Is it too late! Ann from UK.

San said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful day with us. You share your passion with a passion!