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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Christmas

Hope you all have a great Festive season. I will not be posting for a few weeks, back in the new year, My Mother is moving into a retirement place and I will go interstate, to Adelaide, to be with her. I will certainly miss the internet and the blogs!

Friday, December 5, 2008


I am not sure how people can post every day. I was surprised that the last was Tuesday.My mind was on domestic things and preparing to go away...and brooches ...and Christmas presents that I still must make. However.....This is the large painting I spoke of earlier in its beginning stages. I like to photograph it as I go ...the third eye... the only problem is when I see an earlier incarnation and like it better than later . Here are two paintings, or really one in 2 of its many incarnations, it finished up like neither. This is how it is presently but who knows?

I have done some more brooches and have decided I will put them on lttle canvases, I will decorate the canvas and put a little hook so they can be on the wall ....or on you!

Sorry these are so dark.... will do them again when I have painted the canvases, sometimes the technology defeats me.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am in the midst of manic thinking about what I want to make before I go away next week. The prospect of not being able to do my artwork for at least 3 weeks is pretty daunting.
Thought it might be good to put yesterdays morning pictures. Jo and I were still thinking of the weekend class.
I have made 2 small books to give away ..... havn't quite got it yet, if only I could concentrate on one thing at a time. Books were, .......well you will see..

Ruby came today and I was able to give her her quilt. The concept of it being on her bed was a little illusive, she did want it on the floor, but perhaps it will be OK when she gets it home.

I have been trying new ideas for brooches. I have a lovely one of Sandy Websters, hers is more subtle than mine but a similar idea so thought I might give it a try, easy to travel for Christmas presents. I think the possibilities are endless.

See what I mean about "butterfly"syndrome. (It appears so much more important if it is a "syndrome")

In reality it means "restless " and "manic"