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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am in the midst of manic thinking about what I want to make before I go away next week. The prospect of not being able to do my artwork for at least 3 weeks is pretty daunting.
Thought it might be good to put yesterdays morning pictures. Jo and I were still thinking of the weekend class.
I have made 2 small books to give away ..... havn't quite got it yet, if only I could concentrate on one thing at a time. Books were, .......well you will see..

Ruby came today and I was able to give her her quilt. The concept of it being on her bed was a little illusive, she did want it on the floor, but perhaps it will be OK when she gets it home.

I have been trying new ideas for brooches. I have a lovely one of Sandy Websters, hers is more subtle than mine but a similar idea so thought I might give it a try, easy to travel for Christmas presents. I think the possibilities are endless.

See what I mean about "butterfly"syndrome. (It appears so much more important if it is a "syndrome")

In reality it means "restless " and "manic"


Miriam said...

i think the brooches are divine, thankyou for the amazing quily, Rubes adores it xxx

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the book, the quilt and the brooches. Don't let going away stop the art, I always take a travelling jewellery bag and a small journal bag with crayons, journal and textas, just in case.

Jo said...

Oh look at Ruby...I think she loves her quilt!!!
I like our "RO" inspired morning pic...
Love the brooches too.

Jacky said...

Janette you and Jo are in your morning pictures.

Ruby's quilt is beautiful and I am sure will be used on the floor, on the bed, taken in the car (if she is anything like my boys with their quilts when they were little).

Love your brooches!!!