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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Perfect Day

Yesterday I had the most wonderful day.
The ingredients were :
Lovely weather
Lovely house
Lovely hosts
Lovely Food
and a great class with
Lovely people.
Ro Bruhn and her husband Steve were the most bountiful hosts. We began the class with Ro in a great room looking out on a "hills" garden and view. Ro had given us all a "showbag" with some of her papers and various odds and ends.
We began painting papers and learning various techniques at an unhurried and relaxed pace.
Working joyfully until 11.15 when we moved up to the sitting room where Steve had laid out the most enticing morning tea. Two cakes which Ro had made, a chocolate and the most divine ginger cake and biscuits.We sat in the sitting room and chatted.
More of the class then .....lunch! Summoned back to the dining table, Steve had cooked up a storm with a couple of Quiches and a macaroni cheese and salad.
More class then afternoon tea...and more of know what......!
Now it seems all we did was eat and( for a person who caters indifferently, for myself ,that is pretty great), but we had come up to learn.
The class was great fun, there is always so much to learn even though you basically know the techniques, other peoples interpretation is so inspiring. Ro being a colourist was energising for me and to learn new products...........well you HAVE to HAVE them........ don't you?
We are so very lucky, we all acknowledged, to go for a day and play with like minded people with no other agenda than having a good time.
I have a little problem with the philosophy of "altered books" but I will go with alacrity when she does that class...or indeed any other class, just to go and be part of it all.
I did do an altered book for a challenge and because of my verbal dissertation on the negative I had to produce one so I made it out of computer discs.


Jacky said...

Hi Janette, wasnt it just the BEST day!

I so enjoyed every aspect of the workshop too.

Ro and Steve, food, art, food, arty friends, food, paint and spritzers (he hee).... we must do it again soon.

So lovely to meet you!

Ro Bruhn said...

So glad you enjoyed the class Janette, it was lovely to meet you. Thank you for helping to make it a 'first at home' wonderful workshop. I hope to catch up again soon.

samantha said...

I loved it too!
So nice to be seated across from you. Thanks for popping in to visit my blog! Guess I'll be seeing you at the altered book workshop....

Jo said...

Wasn't it just a "perfect day".

I love seeing your "altered book" again.

A La Janette style...:)

Jason said...

Nice work. It's nice to spend a day with creative people and make things together.