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Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am feeling my way still with this medium but I guess that is fairly usual.
At the moment I have two pieces in an exhibition in Korea, the one at the beginning of my first blog and the one following. Now for some of you it may be a case of "Ho Hum" but for is truly amazing. I am a "pensioner who plays" so it is pretty astonishing.
Tomorrow I go to see my friends who have just come back and were at the opening, so they are bringing me the catalogue. I think it will be on the coffee table for ever hoping for the visitors question "What is this about?" I will endeavour to be "humble"( like Uriah Heep) about my burgeoning career despite my dotage.

This piece was begun in Jeanette Macdonalds class at the Geelong Forum in September and completed later at home and is an Australian vision of "Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire"

It is rusted lawn stretched over a frame and on that are rusted papers with fabric, found objects and stitch. My plan was to have more stitch but the rusting process made stitching very difficult.


Mummy/Crit said...

Yay! Hello Melbourne Jan. Good to see your blog in action.Erik is helping me type, while also sucking on my arm.

Jeane said...

Hi - I'm here from Jo's blog - I love this piece and your header is really smart! - welcome to blogland!

Jo said...

2nd post already!!!
I like this amazing piece...look forward to hearing about it's travels to and from Korea.

Jason said...

Hi there,

I found you via Jo's blog. I study pottery in Japan, but only once a week. I'm thinking about doing some study in ceramics either at university or TAFE when I return to Australia next year.

Jacky said...

Beautiful rusted piece, the colours look amazing.
Congrats on being exhibited in Korea too!

Ro Bruhn said...

Welcome to blog land. I love what you do, I also visit Jo's blog on a regular basis for inspiration.
I might have bumped into you some time at the Geelong Forum, I took Keith Lo Bue's class. There was mega inspiration happening at the Forum. India Flint's class looked amazing.