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Friday, November 21, 2008


How pretty these cakes look.!
Had a good day today working with a friend John who is in the process of writing childrens books with drawings and funny poems. They are to be published at the end of next year and I am going to collaboroate on one of them combining his painting in oils with stitching and fabric.
It is a bit daunting but fun.
(By the way the best attribute the cakes had was their appearance)

These are two pieces for our group exhibition which is called four letter words the first is "Kiss" the second is "Tear".

John has written a poem for "Tear" which is a part of the piece


A tear can be a drop of water

When we cry

When something has been torn apart

Like a human heart

1 comment:

Jeane said...

love these boxes - the 3 dimensional aspect of them is very theatrical - alas, about the cupcakes - they are one of my favorite food groups....