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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Best day

Today is the monthly meeting of our group it is at my house and the sun is shining and "all's right with the world" I have to share the morning picture with you Jo has just sent the joined copy. It is delicious. I suppose because it is full of colour.

I have just finished a quilt for Ruby, who is a "foster" grandchild as she is the daughter of my lovely friend Miriam (Mim Art Life). Now Ruby being a little blonde girl of just five has very definite ideas about her likes and she REALLY likes Pink! so here it is.


Jo said...

It was the "best day"...
good Ruby's quilt :)

Miriam said...

looks so fabulous jan,the quilt, the blog, everything.
our hard drive has died so i cant post until tom puts all our programs back on!

Jeane said...

I love these joined photos that you and Jo do - this one looks almost planned - pretty in pink - a little girls dream - lovely

Jacky said...

Ruby's quilt is gorgeous, she will LOVE it I am sure...beautifu pink!

Have you checked out the blog of Spirit Cloth? I think Jo has a link on her blog and I do on mine. Just click on it and take a look if you havent already. Her quilts are inspirational.

Love your morning photos in collaboration with Jo.