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Sunday, November 23, 2008


I belong to a group of wonderful women, six of us ,Jo from Mystory is one.
(Have not learned the proper link subtleties yet)
We are having an exhibition called "Four Letter Words" At Manningingham Gallery in Melbourne from the 25th Feb. next year.
In order to honour the names of our works in terms of 4 letters it is sometimes a little difficult ,the following piece is "Soul"!?. I painted with acrylics on corrugated cardboard and love the effect, Now the painting began life much larger but I needed to cut it down to fit a box frame as it is 3D. I should like to do a larger one but it will need a custom made frame...a little expensive .
Another topic is "Doll" I have made a lot of dolls this is one of my favourite "Lucille" because........?
If only I wasn't such a "butterfly" and concentrated on one thing but I guess I do need to try whatever is in my head at the time."Posted by Picasa


Jacky said...

Definately going to have to come and check out your exhibition if february.

Jo said...

I love your SOUL :)
and DOLL too...

Miriam said...

LOVE the corrugated painting, love the effect, love you x