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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Learning To Blog, I cant believe it!

My friend Jo has been truly valiant and enthusiastic about this enterprise...heaven only knows how I will manage when she goes back tonight to Sassafras.

I am now on my own.

After a lifetime in the theatre and teaching in a Conservatorium I have moved into the visual arts. I might say that I always wanted to paint and draw as a youngster but my talents and consequently my earning capacity lay elsewhere.
For many years (about 35) I was a ceramicist and it became lonely out in the pottery studio and really arduous so I moved in to more gentle pursuits of painting and textiles.
It is evident however even with my clay, how much I adore colour.
As this is my first "dip in the water" I will keep it brief and end with todays morning picture collaboration with Jo of "Mystory" fame.


Jo said...

Janette...Welcome to the world of blogging...I know we will be in for a real treat here at "Contented Colour"...look forward to reading your posts, gazing at your art and sharing comments with you. Love Jo

Robyn said...

Janette, welcome to the exciting world of blogging. Jo sent me over so I already know I'm going to enjoy your blog. I love your banner!

lynne h said...

janette, what a beautiful first post! your paintings are just downright delicious... the color!

welcome to the blogging world. now i will go thank jo for sending me here!

Don Madden said...

I'm guessing that being a pensioner is like being retired - whatever it is it looks like you'll be making some really interesting art!

Jacky said...

You are going to be fine Janette...I love your first post (and i can see that you adore colour - I'm a bit partial to it myself).
I can tell we are going to be in for a visual treat on your blog.

Looking forward to visiting again.