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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have soved a difficult space problem, and in so doing I possibly have one of the most extravagent and expensive work tables.
I am afraid and ashamed to admit it has more use in the last few months in this capacity than that for which it was made.
I did play some Bach the other day and was amazed that I still could! (Glen Gould need have no fear! )

My dear friend Jo (Mystory) came yesterday and we saw the film 'Seraphine' a beautiful film for people interested in painting, however it left us a little sombre for the rest of the day.

However she had made me a lovely book


Jo works so very meticulously, and cerebrally, but the result still has a spontanaeity.

All around the inner city are some wonderful paintings on the wall. Fitzroy has some beauties, here are some closeups of the textures.

These artists work on such a large scale, and yet often with very fine detail .

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I love the idea of revamping jumpers or indeed reworking an old into something different This is one I finished last night.
And my favourite done at the beginning of winter.

that and making quilts is what I am doing with the TV on at night, but I am really enjoying the painting and drawing.

This is another just in early stages.

I am loving Stuart Davis's work and this is based on our trip to the port, and the preliminary drawings.

This is the underpainting so do not know where it will end up (certainly minus the masking tape!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


How I love making books, but I do ask myself "Why"? so I decided to make one for each of the members of my art group. I wanted them to be useful sketch books so used pastel paper for one and canvas sheets for some and so on.
Some of the covers are made from the batikpapers seen drying on the pomegranate tree. (It sounds so very romantic and 17th century, I think...."under the pomegranate tree" there is something quite exotic about them. The imagined picture is far superior to the reality...the poor little pet will be supplanted by the more pragmatic lemon or lime tree! Batik reminds me of my ceramic days with Raku, you never really know what it will look like when the wax is removed and the layers revealed.I am really excited about Viera da Silvas work at the moment, I realise it is her wonderful exploration of perspective. I am working on the alleyways of Fitzroy, this is the one opposite my house (where the graffiti artists were of the side picture), still in early stages I am happy I am making some stuff, after a fairly difficult time being overwhelmed by 'other pressures' hopefully I can show more next time I post.