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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Secret Belgians' and their Books

My friend Jo of Mystory, did a wonderful blog on our class, she sent me a picture of myself at the class with Rae Cummings our teacher.
So the process was not exactly as romantic as her post showed, on the other hand this is how I finished

I used watercolours in the stash, left by my husband. It makes a lovely, interesting cover I think and before I put the backboard and just had the stitching down the spine it was lovely with the edges of the first of the signatures being the watercolours and showing through the stitches.

I bought a painting at an exhibition of Ron Reynolds my teach, it is of North Fitroy and as I have just moved into the area, I felt I must have it.

He gave me this other little one as a present.

Had the Very Stuff group here first entertaining in the new house, it was so great. My intention was to put a photo of them at this point, however I think I would be in trouble, they looked preety serious at the time.

We wandered around the corner in the middle of lunch to find some particular paper at Officeworks...the joys of propinquity.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great Life

How I love living in the inner city. One of the amazing aspects is the immediacy of service, I have had the computer man here today and he came within an hour of my going to the shop. Not only did he come promptly, Clement, had TIME, he helped me in more ways than I had requested, even encouraging me to sort the extraneous bits and pieces to do with the computer and throwing out the dated stuff. I felt so lucky to have such care.
Here are some photos of the new studio, still a work in progress but getting there.
I am back doing Uni work and studying the "Moderns" now, I am looking forward to this next bit. One of the joys of the work previously was the discovery of the "Delecroix" letters. It is a small book and it can go with me to coffee shops!! Hopefully there will be some art in the next blog.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Win some Lose some

Well this is how the painting turned out.....totally" missed the boat" however Ron, my teacher has made some suggestions which may be a little more positive than my idea of chopping it up!

The second was an earlier incarnation but I still can not change the order with the mouse.

How do you feel about potato crisps?

I bought a largish bag as I have some "littlies" coming tomorrow, it is my firm belief that you HAVE to eat the whole packet irrespective of the size....and with a "Whiskey Mac"......bliss!

I will sove tomorrows problem tomorrow. One of the super things about inner city living....I just love it so much.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Art Work is beginning!

I mentioned somewhat enigmatically that I was having trouble "moving pictures" well my problem is that I can not presently reposition them within the blog...something is wrong with the mouse so shall try again.
I have done some work on a painting for our "Very Stuff" group meeting on Monday it is "Palimsest" and this is where it is at present...still with masking tape
It is good to have made some space for working in the studio but I am afraid at some cost to the other rooms.
New house.... new painting. This is the painting I bought last month at the firestation Gallery, the first is a sketch of the painting done by Bronwyn Rees on her "road trip" and she so kindly gave it to me. (I can't change the order!*?!)
I do love it and is evocative of a friends place.