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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Art Work is beginning!

I mentioned somewhat enigmatically that I was having trouble "moving pictures" well my problem is that I can not presently reposition them within the blog...something is wrong with the mouse so shall try again.
I have done some work on a painting for our "Very Stuff" group meeting on Monday it is "Palimsest" and this is where it is at present...still with masking tape
It is good to have made some space for working in the studio but I am afraid at some cost to the other rooms.
New house.... new painting. This is the painting I bought last month at the firestation Gallery, the first is a sketch of the painting done by Bronwyn Rees on her "road trip" and she so kindly gave it to me. (I can't change the order!*?!)
I do love it and is evocative of a friends place.


Jeane said...

well congratulations on your huge move! Sounds like some of the dust is settling - love the new painting you bought! just beautiful - nice to have you back in blogland :)

Jacky said...

Your new apartment looks gorgeous Janette (what a lovely and unexpected surprise by the movers the candles etc.)
Your new painting from the firestation is wonderful and will have special place in your new home I am sure.
Really love your new canvas!!

Hope you are settling into your new home well.

Jacky xox

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Janette, I love your new pad, the kitchen looks a delight, so much atmosphere. I love your Bronwyn Rees painting too. Good luck in your new abode.