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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Secret Belgians' and their Books

My friend Jo of Mystory, did a wonderful blog on our class, she sent me a picture of myself at the class with Rae Cummings our teacher.
So the process was not exactly as romantic as her post showed, on the other hand this is how I finished

I used watercolours in the stash, left by my husband. It makes a lovely, interesting cover I think and before I put the backboard and just had the stitching down the spine it was lovely with the edges of the first of the signatures being the watercolours and showing through the stitches.

I bought a painting at an exhibition of Ron Reynolds my teach, it is of North Fitroy and as I have just moved into the area, I felt I must have it.

He gave me this other little one as a present.

Had the Very Stuff group here first entertaining in the new house, it was so great. My intention was to put a photo of them at this point, however I think I would be in trouble, they looked preety serious at the time.

We wandered around the corner in the middle of lunch to find some particular paper at Officeworks...the joys of propinquity.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

How fun! Wish I had been there for the very stuff meeting. The book binding looks challenging. Great idea to use your hubby's water colors...

HeartFire said...

What an interesting binding on that book, really like it... and the watercolor is wonderful!

Jo Horswill said...

Janette, did I really post a "romantic" image of our day!!! Funny how I did that. But look at what you created!
...worth every bit of that look on your face in that photo, wasn't it! Jo xx

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Pure success on the lovely book binding and great choice of the watercolor!
Perfect celebration...inviting friends into your settled home!

A rambling rose said...

Lovely stuff! I like the different ways you and Jo saw this project - great to have found you through following Jo! here's to blogger contacts! Thank you