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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Win some Lose some

Well this is how the painting turned out.....totally" missed the boat" however Ron, my teacher has made some suggestions which may be a little more positive than my idea of chopping it up!

The second was an earlier incarnation but I still can not change the order with the mouse.

How do you feel about potato crisps?

I bought a largish bag as I have some "littlies" coming tomorrow, it is my firm belief that you HAVE to eat the whole packet irrespective of the size....and with a "Whiskey Mac"......bliss!

I will sove tomorrows problem tomorrow. One of the super things about inner city living....I just love it so much.


Dave King said...

Chopping it up seems a bit extreme. I have to admit that I prefer the earlier incarnation, but the latest seem salvageable.

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Janette...layers! :)

Miriam Patience said...

i love that you are closer to me now. see you soon for shopping, strolls and coffee xx