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Saturday, March 27, 2010

post movies

I discovered the wonder of downloading movies, and much to my amazement I exceeded my allowance on the internet, which has of necessity kept me very quiet, but now into the next month, I will be more circumspect. Here are some more natural dyeing the first was in onion skins and then I scattered some saffron These are some books in various eucalyptus leaves
This inside paper was from an old sketch book of my husbands, he was a watercolourist and some of the water colour shows through as well as the sketching
This book "before" and "after"
Our group meets on Monday and I have to finish off the challenges
On Thursday night I went to a demonstration by a painter called Charlie Tong. He came directly from heaven...his painting was amazing, speedy and dynamic using very wide but thin brushes. I have taken a lot of photos, but I feel I must ask him before I put them on the hopefully it will be in the next post.
A lovely thing happened.
My mother posted me a book from Adelaide, but put on it the wrong address, Julien, to whom the parcel went, found out my mothers phone number in Adelaide, rang her to find out where I lived, and offered to deliver it to me....I am going down to pick it up shortly, but there really are some very kind people.
All we need to be in this world is "kind" I wonder why it is so difficult some of the time.....there would be no conflict!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Palette Change and stitch

If you are a "butterfly" in the Art/Craft sense (and I am!) one needs a lot of space!
This is my studio, with its new shelves....
No, This is my studio
Collecting the rainwater for the new projects
Remember this
Now with the stitching for the "challenge" for our group.
It is astonishing how the eye adjusts to new sensibilities, is it the inspiration which triggers the change or does the new work influence what you are attracted to for inspiration?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


This was the last challenge from our group....".journey" It is so special being a part of a group that constantly,challenges, encourages and inspires each other....and we laugh as well!

Moving on

Here are 3 more natural dyed pieces.
The first two are in fact very green but my camera (or I) am not very good at representing the true colours.
I do think I belong to the group of artists who are schizophenic, On the one hand, while doing these organic pieces I am making a quilt for my spare room.

We have a lovely shop near us called "Patchwork House" As I am not a manic patchwork person, and indeed I tend to use preloved fabrics, I go infreqently and have seen it through a few owners, but there is a beautiful freshness, like Spring whenever you go in, but indeed the most significant and rewarding element is the tiny pink plastic carrier in the photo.

I am so glad that has remained constant. This Quilt has some significance but more of that later.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This morning on a ramble through 'Blogland' I read Annes'(Wild Somerset Child) blog and realised how I had missed all my friends.
I guess we all go through periods when it is more difficult to fit it in!
Our group of "the Very Stuff" continues to inspire me so I have taken time off Uni, and am going to get my studio in order and 'PLAY'!
Jo (Mystory) has suffered the same fate as me, in discovery of natural dyes.........
I have been also making books and then dyeing them in red onion skins and eucalyptus leaves
The first one is full of textures fabric ready for the dyepot.
I have some drying...will post again tomorrow.