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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moving on

Here are 3 more natural dyed pieces.
The first two are in fact very green but my camera (or I) am not very good at representing the true colours.
I do think I belong to the group of artists who are schizophenic, On the one hand, while doing these organic pieces I am making a quilt for my spare room.

We have a lovely shop near us called "Patchwork House" As I am not a manic patchwork person, and indeed I tend to use preloved fabrics, I go infreqently and have seen it through a few owners, but there is a beautiful freshness, like Spring whenever you go in, but indeed the most significant and rewarding element is the tiny pink plastic carrier in the photo.

I am so glad that has remained constant. This Quilt has some significance but more of that later.

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