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Saturday, March 27, 2010

post movies

I discovered the wonder of downloading movies, and much to my amazement I exceeded my allowance on the internet, which has of necessity kept me very quiet, but now into the next month, I will be more circumspect. Here are some more natural dyeing the first was in onion skins and then I scattered some saffron These are some books in various eucalyptus leaves
This inside paper was from an old sketch book of my husbands, he was a watercolourist and some of the water colour shows through as well as the sketching
This book "before" and "after"
Our group meets on Monday and I have to finish off the challenges
On Thursday night I went to a demonstration by a painter called Charlie Tong. He came directly from heaven...his painting was amazing, speedy and dynamic using very wide but thin brushes. I have taken a lot of photos, but I feel I must ask him before I put them on the hopefully it will be in the next post.
A lovely thing happened.
My mother posted me a book from Adelaide, but put on it the wrong address, Julien, to whom the parcel went, found out my mothers phone number in Adelaide, rang her to find out where I lived, and offered to deliver it to me....I am going down to pick it up shortly, but there really are some very kind people.
All we need to be in this world is "kind" I wonder why it is so difficult some of the time.....there would be no conflict!


Jacky said...

Your books are wonderful Janette (would love to see one in the flesh).
Very taken with the dyeing with the onion skins and saffron. This weekend I intend to try dyeing with onion skins. One of my friends from my recent trip away has told me what to do, so I have some fabric at the ready. I love your addition of the saffron. Have you tried tumeric (I have read a little about that, but not tried it yet?).

Enjoy your weekend.

Jacky xox

Jason said...

:-) Maybe you need to change providers. I'm with TPG and think they have a good internet deal.

Julia said...

Hi Janette, I just love your posts and look forward to them..I am loving what you are doing with the dyeing, and wondered what base fabric you are starting with to make your folding books/onion skin dying pieces?...I am using soft linen and doing stitching and then want to dye/distress with coffee and tea to see what happens..I cant wait to see your Charlie Tong pics should you get to post them .xxx...julia