Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday, September 18, 2016

It is 3 years since I last blogged a short time, I guess, in a life time but my life has changed so very much that I want to share what I am doing now.This is some old Japanese silk I dyed with pomegranate.
I have returned to India flint and begun that journey again.

 Jude Hill of "Spirit Cloth"is a blog I followed for a long time, and my joy in discovering her online classes, has been great and I wanted to have a platform to share my textile moments.

 The photos at the top of the post, are at the end of my small lawn. It is so very tranquil and beautiful but not a lot of sharing ideas and work. For that I miss my Melbourne life and friends.
Another great influence on my recent work has been Junko Oki.This is my first adventure.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

and again...

Talk about tardy blogging! I am still studying at Uni , the study period was about "colour" so I put together this collage, the other connection was colour in our neighbourhood.
Most of the paintings are from the past and no longer in my possession

Just easing myself in gently...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot

Having a great deal of difficulty with the watching a lot of you tube and movies..thank goodness Uni starts tomorrow as my brain is like a pudding.
Went to a performance of "Souvenir".

Helen Noonan plays Florence Foster Jenkins with Stephen McIntyre as her long term accompanist and longsuffering support.
Helen is a wonderful actress full of great energy and spirit. I laughed and laughed.Her singing out of tune is a bravura performance.

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Neighbour

It is a problem living in the inner city that people come and go with rapidity. There is always such anxiety....what age are they? Will they hav music with a "sub-woofer" blasting (just learned that one)
Well did I get a jackpot this is the work of my new neighbour

Joanna Logue.

As well as talented and clever they are super fun...what more can an "old girl" want in life

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Respite from the heat

 The post in 2011 I was planning on a large piece and this is a small version and curiously I think this is a case where scale determined the piece.

 An embroidered cuff made for my friend

This was an old footstool and I had some conservative tapestry made for it however  I thought I needed a little more colour (!!!!)

 I am thrilled ...... the top painting is now in Vienna in the home of a beautiful and talented ex-student of mine. It was such a thrill to have a visit from her last year, after 35 years.

 Last week I had to have my cisteria cut down from the back (small) garden, however this was some dyeing I did on jersey wool it was really bright and very exciting.
It is tragic to lose a tree, but I have enjoyed it for 4 years.

Monday, February 18, 2013

absent blogger

I was part of a group exhibition last year  Here are some of the pieces in the show....... there were stitched pieces and small framed paper/card and foamcore sculptures.. I realised that the work I had tried to do previously was too large, my studio is small and so I had to work within those perameters.
I dream of a large space, look with longing at studio spaces on the internet...but I love WHERE I live and that is the most important thing.

 This is one of 4 small sculptured pieces.

 These are stitched with stranded dmc thread, based on the sculptures and shapes I had wished to make in large forms,..... there were 8 in the exhibition.

 This time I used perle threads and again there is a common idea of shapes determining the works.

Another of the larger ones they were all called "Tea with ...." an artist
I am not able to change things on the page the way I want, will need to spend time on the new format but at least I have begun again...even if it is weekly or somewhat erratic.