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Sunday, September 18, 2016

It is 3 years since I last blogged a short time, I guess, in a life time but my life has changed so very much that I want to share what I am doing now.This is some old Japanese silk I dyed with pomegranate.
I have returned to India flint and begun that journey again.

 Jude Hill of "Spirit Cloth"is a blog I followed for a long time, and my joy in discovering her online classes, has been great and I wanted to have a platform to share my textile moments.

 The photos at the top of the post, are at the end of my small lawn. It is so very tranquil and beautiful but not a lot of sharing ideas and work. For that I miss my Melbourne life and friends.
Another great influence on my recent work has been Junko Oki.This is my first adventure.

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