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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My mother has sold her house in Adelaide and that will mean I will be over there for about 3 weeks leaving in a couple of in past lives that would OK but how will I manage without a computer and the internet. How much a vital part of our life it is ....and now with blogs......! I sit here restless waiting in anticipation for the painter to arrive and ......books everywhere with the sincere intention of culling.!!?*(Just heard he can't come!!!???*)

This is the piece I did titled "Fish" for the group 4 letter word, I have taken a photo of the frame and mount as I am unsure if it works in this old fashioned was one I had.

The piece is in commercial felt,and embellished (with Carolyn's embellishing) machine , dyed chiffon and small hand embroidered ...Fish!

Here is a collage with some detail. Hard to see as it is behind glass. This is another of my dolls, for those who know her work you will understand how excited I am to be doing Sue Dove's workshop next year


Ro Bruhn said...

The detail in the painting looks great and your doll is divine. I love her painted body. I've just realized you are probably the lady, coming with Jo, to take my workshop on Saturday, look forward to seeing you then.

Jacky said...

What a fabulous art doll !!! Sue Dove... I havent heard of her before, but am now going to go and do a bit of research.

Your fish collage is gorgeous, thanks for the close ups.