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Friday, November 28, 2008


The challenge I am working on presently is "Sign". I am working on 2 pieces at the same time but in doing so occupying every work space in my House/Studio.
One piece is on a small piece of recycled masonite the other is the largest canvas I have tackled...1 metre square, I hope it is not a case of ignorance being bliss. I have already done a few drawings which is quite rare for me.
So I guess I will forge ahead, I am using corrugated cardboard again in this one, collaging 3 pieces on and adding a small box canvas?
Here is another of my dolls I love her I call her "dancing Queen"
Actually I am reminded that 20 years ago I was engaged as repetiteur with Australian ballet, as I knew nothing about ballet at all I borrowed from the library a book with all the "terms" my flatmate at the time came in to see my one hand on a kitchen chair holding the book with the other and trying a plie...
it might have looked a little like my doll, perhaps that is why I made it, another self portrait !


Jo said...

This is wonderful...all of it.
It's been an interesting journey, our year of "Four Letter Words"...some so wonderful, some so challenging. I love to be able to see your working drawings!!!
Yes I love "Dancing Queen" too. :)

Jacky said...

Good luck with your *large* canvas, I am sure you will have fun with it. I love your use of cardboard too.

That little doll really appeals to me...and yes, maybe a self portrait of the Dancing Queen of 20 years ago?