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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

empty nest

I have been watching my washing basket in the garage as a little family have been occupying it. It has delayed further work on organising the garage (Whew!) well now the nest is emty. How very perfect it is and how remarkably stable.

I understand why Gail and others are inspired by nests.

I am really excited about this idea of the sharing in "blogland" and the messages which I have received. When I was at the Geelong Forum I was photographing a students work on the last day, it was obviously her first time with us all, however she was very angry about me taking the photos. I hope she will learn of the gains from sharing ideas, nothing is new and we are all eclectic and most of us are truly respectful of each others work.

These felt beads are a case in point. I thought I discovered these beads, some years ago, until then I had never seen any (a sheltered life you will say) however I was at a gallery with Jude Skeers an established textile artist and I exclaimed " I have just made some of those" to which he replied, "Yes I do them with my 10 year olds"

Strange how we all think we are exceptional ...until someone tells us the truth.

Isn't it fun!


Jo said...

A perfect cosy nest in your garage...I only I could fit into it!

Jo said...

I meant to say "W I S H I could fit in it " :)