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Friday, January 8, 2010


I have missed blogging so much, but because of Uni being "on-line" I seem to spend such a lot of time at the computer....but I love the fact that I will meet two( new to me) fellow bloggers on Sunday at Jo's (Mystory) makes me want to belong again.
I have been doing printing this term at Uni........All Black and White!!!!!!!! Imagine how difficult it has been for me.
However here are a couple of prints I have submitted for the assignment and I have a full day tomorrow.....printing!
These will not set the world on fire but it was my first lino-cut for a long time....I was working on the idea of "Transformation" our topic and then I decided to settle on 'Masks'.

I did love this monoprint which was a 'mistake' but one of the most pleasing. Looks like Anthony Quinn?

More tomorrow


MiM said...

love the prints x

Jo Horswill said...

Janette your back...missed seeing you here!
Wonderful to see these prints...
Oh Sunday...yes...dismantling the could I forget!!!
See you then...xx