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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"House" sites

I have been surfing sites looking at interiors and lusted after so many.You can say goodbye to a productive life for the duration. It has caused me to really look at my own so I have included some to share. Often on these blogs or sites, they say there favourite "moments" in there here goes... This is a chair covered in an indian table cloth, love the colours as you can imagine. The torsoes, or at least 2 of them have found homes. This is the first thing you see inside the hall. My Greek neighbour found it a bit overwhelming and that was when I first moved in...she said "too much stuff" throwing her hands in the air...what would she say now. This is the chimney breast in my bedroom, can not make a decision about the other walls. The painting is unfinished, living in a small house with a small studio challenges the desire to make big works of art, so they are stored in various rooms. This is an old pedestal which has been outside so I "played" Here it is "in situ" A friend told me about 35 years ago that my idea of decorating was to "never give the eye a rest" it is my mantra...have not shown you the walls with the paintings! How lovely to see the pink leaves coming on the maple may mean (but not necessarily) that the cold weather is over ....? While my neighbour has her vision of my house another dear friend wants to bring anyone who is depressed to see my house, saying it would cheer them up. Isn't that a beautiful thing to say!

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Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Janette, as you know this style of decorating is right up my alley, love it all especially the chair, bring on the colour.