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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Butterfly'ing' again

Doing the washingup can take a long time, if you look out the window. I live in a small innercity house and I park my car in the back courtyard. Well, as I say, I looked out the window....and then had to get the camera. Then I had to collage them I had no idea what this was until I rotated it. Some time later I went down the street with the camera to take some photos for my new "Flowers" book. These 2 were just in my street My girlfriend of....?...years had a birthday recently and these were the place cards i made. It is amazing that for a declared 'colourist' I can be enjoy this structured graphic. My main concern for beginning this post was to ask advice for a bed-head/quilt I am making. I think that will be the next one. As there are more breakthroughs in medicine and we age the great fear seems to be some kind of dementia. I am sure that it is a common worry that we will "loose IT"! How to allay that fear is a constant battle. While I know some truly great and athletic minds have struggled with it, meaning that no amount of intellectual stimulation will keep it at bay for ever, I set myself tasks of memory. I am trying to memorize some Donne Sonnets with enormous difficulty. Though I worked as an actor, I never found memorizing easy, and the more anxiety associated with it, understudying for instance, the more difficult it was. I am encouraging myself by saying that this is the position for me now, lack of practice and very importantly lack of confidence. However it has awakened to the profundity of the metaphysicals especially Donne and my brothers recent death, ............... "One short sleepe past, wee wake eternally, And death shall be no more: death, thou shalt die." Next post will return to the mammoth question of what to do with the quilt on the bedhead!? However many times I try to space these paragraphs and lines out, it does not seem to work, so sorry it looks a little like James Joyce.


A rambling rose said...

love that collage Janette! As I have been laid up with a ghastly head cold this week the Chesterton quote on the side bar really spoke to me! I admire your struggle with memory - I also console myself with the fact that I never found memorising easy either even as a child, now what was it I wanted to say!! Thank you

Valerianna said...

Fascinating images from the car reflections... and sitting with what you write - definitely deaths brings us to our knees... and worry, yes, I know they say that intellectual stimulation will keep us ok, but I, too have seen that that doesn;t seem true all the time. ugh.