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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Furniture going

Big things are happening in the "moving stakes" my wonderful....large.......Victorian cedar table has gone, it has been a great friend, it was truly elegant when it was in the great dining room we used to have, but of late it has seen more robust use, including felting, building, painting, and of course eating!
I have always thought a table the centre of so much joy, when my parents were in England they were living for a while in a large house, but everyone came into the house through the kitchen and sat at the large table when they visited.

This is the interim trestle!


From the old "studio" to this

I will get there. This is actually now the 31st July so in one week things are improving, I will be able to fit it all in the room but I am yet to work out how/where I can actually "make" art.

So anyway, back to the "table", I bought one today!

I am having trouble moving the the next installment will be tomorrow.

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