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Sunday, June 13, 2010

And again

This is the painting I did in the class, or ideed most of the work was done by 'himself'I do find it difficult to achieve in the workshop enviroment. Most of my creative time is spent endeavouring to correct and make things 'right' so the pressure of having to perform worries me. Funny as I was a 'performer' all my life, but it came from the basis of discipline and confident knowledge.

These 2 painings came from others in the class, neither of whom were used to the technique. The first is an accomplished painter of abstracts and the second, Cathie from the'Very Stuff' is a brilliant watercolourist.

Both very successful in terms of the direction of the class


Jason said...

I really like these two paintings. They look very 'strong'. For some reason, that is the feeling I get from your work.

Julia said...

Hi Janette,
Love your posts re: how it is so hard to "perform" at art that is what puts me off going to a regular class (in person), I always want to be "there" already, and find I am so slow compared to others that I feel left behind, and get quite stressed, a feeling I don't have at home when just creating for the joy of it...
How does one find a class run by a local professional/great artist that can inspire?...I live in Box Hill, do you have any ideas?...xx..julia