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Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Things

I have been busy as you have suggested...but it is really good, I think I am thriving on it.
Just had a lovely birthday and this is what appeared in the sky on the morning of the day.

The sky was so lovely... a perfect beginning to a lovely day.

I am getting ready for the man from the auction house to come and look at "stuff", so I removed the photos from under the glass of one of the chests of drawers I had painted and revealed......

I had forgotten that I had painted it!

The "Very Stuff" girls met last week after a bit of a break as Trish was away, it was so good to be back together. One of the projects we are doing, apart from the 5 letter words is a 'lucky dip'.

We all put something in an envelope and that is the inspiration for a page....or whatever, I realise I have told you this before, however my 'inspiration' was this little picture of angels.

The paper is a discarded practice watercolour 'sky' my husband, Mondie, did a long time ago.

The five letter word was 'spool' so I did a book with exercises on the theme, it was a technical excercise which I did while I was in Adelaide and just did one a day.

Above is the cover and on page "Repeat"The first below is "Empathise" then thinking "Syncronistically" then "Prevaricate"!??

The next ones two different"Combine" and "Repeat"I did quite a few pages more, however I can not remember the text which my painting teacher leant to me, but each of the excercises were with detailed explanations....some just a little bit esoteric, but it was fun.

Back to studying the Renaissance, just completed looking at Islamic ornamentation in the 7th and 8th century. Gosh it is good to be writing essays after.......................years!?


Miriam said...

whoops I missed your birthday when was it?
love all the spools xxxx

Leslie Avon Miller said...

It sounds like you are busy, but having fun. Love the spools!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Life is good for you! You sound busy and your spools and your class subjects especially the Islamic one.

Ro Bruhn said...

Happy birthday Janette. Love the pages, sounds like you are having a ball. Do you have long before you move?

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Also - love your new header!

Dave King said...

Clever prompt ideas. I fell in love with "Repeat".