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Friday, June 5, 2009


I feel really bad but for the moment Uni work has overtaken me, plus moving and babysitting and motherminding ,and art work and the blog a severe second place.
This will not always be so as i do not want to lose the connections made here.
I even believe that Jeanne and Jo may meet in New York, how fantastic is that and that is what blogs friendships and it is so special.
I will return!!!!!!!!!!!! Kiss............
That is its name... I love his piece.


Jeane said...

deep breaths.... :)

Miriam said...

kiss for you xx

Ro Bruhn said...

This piece was even more beautiful to see in the flesh. Good luck with all of your ventures, your life certainly sounds busy at present, happy moving too.

San said...

"Kiss"--such a celebratory piece!!! Chockfull of "contented colour."

Sounds like life is good, despite the busy-ness.

Martine said...

Take your time i'll waite for you.

Jacky said...

I knew you were busy moving, but I didnt realise you were at Uni. too! Sounds like you are leading a very busy life at the moment...we all miss you, but know that life just gets too busy sometimes to do everything.
We'll still be here when things settle down.

Jacky xox