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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

electrical box

Well it did become a book in a box I used the plates for the side and the feet are little plastic electrical 'somethings' and the handle is one of those cords with loops on the end and I screwed them in.


Julia said...

Hi Jannette, love your latest that you call them electrical "somethings'...I feel the same way these days about all the latest technology...getting to a point where I can't cope with anymore changes, even refused a new phone from my daughter, as she was upgrading, and it was a great one..I think? I am happy being old fashioned with my flip top "startrek" one...LOL...xx..julia

A rambling rose said...

Hi again Janette - lost you for a bit and glad to find you again with your box! Love the pic of you colour co-ordinated in the Central desert with Jo - wish she hadn't taken the comments off her blog! I love that electric bag too!