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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Firing,Garden Exhibition

It has been.....since my last.........! I have been busy getting ready for an exhibition at D.T.A.S. which is an amateur art society, I have mentioned before mentioning the newsletter...well now I am to be resposible for the web page when it is set up...what a learning curve that may turn out to be. I have been told that the blogging experience helps?! These torsoes are still unfinished and the middle one is just with black lines, but will take photos when they are finished. I am finding it such fun , the shape determining the way I am painting. I am working in acrylic and have a large painting in my head to be part of the installation. I will talk about my new dolls next time....may be tomorrow.

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Julia said...

They're beautiful and they are ART!!!...julia