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Monday, February 18, 2013

absent blogger

I was part of a group exhibition last year  Here are some of the pieces in the show....... there were stitched pieces and small framed paper/card and foamcore sculptures.. I realised that the work I had tried to do previously was too large, my studio is small and so I had to work within those perameters.
I dream of a large space, look with longing at studio spaces on the internet...but I love WHERE I live and that is the most important thing.

 This is one of 4 small sculptured pieces.

 These are stitched with stranded dmc thread, based on the sculptures and shapes I had wished to make in large forms,..... there were 8 in the exhibition.

 This time I used perle threads and again there is a common idea of shapes determining the works.

Another of the larger ones they were all called "Tea with ...." an artist
I am not able to change things on the page the way I want, will need to spend time on the new format but at least I have begun again...even if it is weekly or somewhat erratic.

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