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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Respite from the heat

 The post in 2011 I was planning on a large piece and this is a small version and curiously I think this is a case where scale determined the piece.

 An embroidered cuff made for my friend

This was an old footstool and I had some conservative tapestry made for it however  I thought I needed a little more colour (!!!!)

 I am thrilled ...... the top painting is now in Vienna in the home of a beautiful and talented ex-student of mine. It was such a thrill to have a visit from her last year, after 35 years.

 Last week I had to have my cisteria cut down from the back (small) garden, however this was some dyeing I did on jersey wool it was really bright and very exciting.
It is tragic to lose a tree, but I have enjoyed it for 4 years.

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