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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Pages Ro's class

I went a couple of weeks ago to another lovely class at Ro Bruhns. I always have a lovely time at the class but I am still a little bit confused as to the place of these scrap/journal/or whatever they are. I must admit for them to have some verissimilitude I do put meditations or quotes on the pages. Ro very sensibly describes them as "play" and "doodling". I am not sure why things need to have some gravitas for me to justify seems very silly really not to just play for yourself. Certainly the idea of making "ART"(!) in books does resolve the storage ploblem somewhat. This next is one of those "book/boxes" for a new group challenge. Actually it is only small and the books were all proper books in the top and then I found I had to glue them in or they would fall off the shelf. The background is some tapestry based on a persian was all about "Indulgence so it was all the things I love. In the corner are balls of wool and knitting needles (tiny) knitting needles


Ro Bruhn said...

Great pages Janette, sometimes we find the inspiration for new fabulous painting in our doodles. I love your domed buildings.
Your book box looks like a nice place to live in.

papergail said...

Beautiful, colourful pages, Janette, enjoy Ballarat!