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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

here I am again

I am back after a very long time and realise I miss the blogs, I am back because I can not use my right thumb and you can imagine how distressing that is for a craft/art try it! I thought I could share how of late my art work has changed. I realise how very fortunate I am and I have decided to work in the volunteer world. As a result I have begun a small group and we are making things for the less lucky. We are knitting for KOGO which is an anachronym for" Knit One Give One" and making toys for "Mirabel" for children at risk. I am also working for a group called "Stitches" (nothing to do with sewing) working in after school programs for kids in the highrise inner city flats, mostly non Australian born kids. I am setting up a worksheet and the whatever is required from our craft stocks, for a craft "play" in the park. This is a "crown" for the yong kids with straws, pipecleaners and balls....we have lots of these things to play with. More of that later in the we can have some pictures I will show you what other things I have been doing.I have stopped Uni for a while, but we had to do 10 things with buckets and here is one of them This is a recent painting, it is not quite finished, I think the balance is not quite right and I want to do some stitching when I get my hand back. It is quite large but I am fairly pleased so far.

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Leslie Avon Miller said...

Hi Janette. Good to see you again. Sounds like you have been busy. Wishing your thumb good fast healing!