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Saturday, April 9, 2011


I am getting ready for the Fibre Forum in Ballarat. I am doing a machine stitching class with Alison Withers, it was to have been Carol Shinn, however she was unable to come. I have seen Alison's work and it is truly brilliant. I thought I would like to use some sections of my own paintings, and peraps incorporate them into the original painting. These are some of the paintings I am thinking about. This is a mola I had to do for Uni work, but I quite like it the best of the ones I did. This painting is an extravagent version of the laneway opposite. It is as yet unresolved, quite a small painting, but as I have said before I am quite excited by the lanes around the inner city. This last is my most recent quilt, for Kate who was my neighbour, for only a year, but I miss her a lot as she was a bit of a regular at the predinner drink time. Anyway she went off and married a lovely man and they have bought a house at the beach so this is for the beach house...nothing spectacular, but made with love. These little creatures are for little Hugh, another 'new' neighbour. I made the one on the left first and a friend told me it was scary so I made the other, took them both to Hugh's parents and they wanted them there you are. Feeling a bit glum at the moment and wondering how a week of stitching will go. I am doing things until I get sore as I am going mad not "Making" I am getting there but it is taking such a long time.

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Ro Bruhn said...

Sore hand or not you've been very productive Janette. Have a great time at the Forum.