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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ballarat and Daniella Woolf

This was one of the most friendly and encouraging groups I have been in at Forum. It says a lot for Daniella and Kim who made it all so very inclusive....and many laughs. It is a special blend that these two brought to a class. When you think about it they are moving from place to place in a new country and doing one class after another....and then going home. What a gift that they can make you feel a special group. What a choice... a colouist's heaven Kim doing a portrait of me which she drew on the palette and then printed as a monoprint. Lovely gentle people, who did amazing work. This is one of my pieces. Another of began as a "grown up" then I cut it up, always thinkink that if they eye is encouraged to move from small to small the inadequacies will be less apparent. I am quite honest about my own work, I think, and I seemed to have limited success with the medium but succeeded brilliantly it proving that as a pyromaniac I exceeded expectations. Daniella wisely decided that it was better that I had little paper surrounding me when working with the torch! These are some of Daniella's demonstration pieces. As I had had a very sad week pior to this class who better to spend the week with but these very poitive and warm gurus.

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Kim Tyler said...

Hi, I found you! What a sweet blog post you wrote about us, and thanks for the lovely compliments! So happy to see all the lovely colorful stuff you are working on since we left!