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Monday, August 29, 2011


Maldon is an historical town built during the gold rush so is heritage listed. There are strict codes about building consequently it is truly picturesque. My friend Jeanette and her mother Mimi have a beautiful little cottage, in which they have maintained a simplicity and integrity in and about the house. I sat on the front verandah, in the sun ...just good is that. Mimi is an artist and at the age of 95 complains that she is not spending enough time painting these days....still digging the garden though this is her newly finished studio on the side of the garage. One of the lovely things about friends you have known for a long time. Their houses become partly yours. That coupled with seeing things of yours that are in use or decorate the walls. This is the top of a little toran I made for their waiters window from the kitchen. I can not find the full picture of it at the moment but will put it on laterThis is the back of it, I have photos of the family taken over a period of time they are on fabric and sewn on the top . Jeanette is a great chef so it is not only the lovely surrounds but the delicious delights for the palate The duck eggs grown locally....what a life eh?

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Judy Whaites said...

What a beautiful little cottage. I love the toran in the window, what a great idea.