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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

other work

Here is a quilt I made for my exneighbour on the occasion of her wedding.They have a beach place and so it is "beachy"!? Recently I stayed in Newcastle with my brothers oldest friend and his wife. They are lovely gentle people who love gardens and birds so I ordered the centrepiece from America, I thought it would be in harmony with their calm house. When I was at dinner the night before my brothers funeral, I met my cousin's grandson Luke (8) I asked him to do me a drawing when we were at the resturant. The next day he came up to me and said as he was leaving to go back to Sydney could he have his painting now. I had totally forgotten I had promised to reciprocate. The very next morning after I arrived home I went straight into action and it was posted by 10.30 am such was my guilt. You may remember this felt landscape I made some years ago. A challenge in a new group of friends was to make a puzzle or board game. I chopped up the landscape and hand sewed around all the pieces, and here is the puzzle. I had not realised what a difficult task it proved to be but my friend Deb. would not let it beat her. This is a recent painting, part of a series about cities. I am quite plesed how it has finished up, even though it is a more subtle colour palette than I usually am attracted to.

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Ro Bruhn said...

I hope things are settling down for you now Janette. The quilt looks gorgeous as does your felt piece. I love your cousin's grandson's painting too.