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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I thought I would answer Dave King and send another post about the photo collaboration.
Jo of "Mystory" and myself began in January last year, taking a photo in the morning and joining them on Paint....actually Jo joins them...I send mine to her and she puts the her photo with mine.
Because our photographs are random, it is very exciting when they "belong" together.
This year we are doing "day" pictures sometimes with a theme...maybe colour or shapes but mostly we just wing it.
This is not our idea, there are many collaborations through the internet and even books published.
I should really like to make a book with some of my favouites
October 8th 2008
Feb 5th 2009
For one month last year I used the photos as exercises in design

The plan for this year was to do a drawing for Mondays and combine...we havn't quite got there yet but I am sure we will.

It is the most wonderful thing to do each day and it also means I get to "talk" to someone first thing in the morning.


Jo Horswill said...

We have been going for over a year with this Jan, and I just love doing it! It's become more like a ritual for me these days and it still excites me...
Jo xx

HeartFire said...

I love your photo collaborations. Really great colors and serendipity going on there. I like to do digital too & belong to a Yahoo group that has a theme, then we get a book of photos back -
so fun and inspiring!
I like your blog - found you thru Ann Sommerset....

Jacky said...

I so enjoy your collaborative photos with Jo.... loved the ones on her most recent post...the colours are delicious!

Jacky xox