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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A lovely thing happened today, after visiting a friend I drew up to a main intersection where a lady was washing car windows , as I drew up I shrugged and smiled knowing I had no change, she smiled and said she would do it anyway, we got talking and she told me in which estate she lived and I mentioned I was moving into the area, the time on the light change was imminent and there was a large group behind me, however, after I said I hope we meet again she shook my hand and said,
"It would be nice to see you again and you could come and have tea with me".
I was so humbled by the sweetness and generosity of this smiley lady.
I went home with this wonderful feeling and optimism , she was such a dear. I will pass by there quite soon and hope to have another talk.
It also reinforces how comfortable I am to return to the inner city, where I lived for some time , it felt like I was "coming home"
This mornings collaborative photo between Jo and myself follows, how remarkably similar they are given we are unaware of the others intention, however we have specified yellow for a week.
I found an old wooden ironing board and put these nails in to hold my cotton reels. Reminds me of Rosalie Gascoign.

The husband of a very dear friend of mine, died last night. When my husband died, 6 months later, I decided I would do a small diary quilt for six weeks to monitor each day and guage the level of "coping".

One of the great things we all share is our "art" which is a comfort blanket in stressful times as well as a great excitement in the good times.

This is the result, it is remarkable how there was still a balance between the dark and "light" times.

Here is a box I made a while ago, but as our topic for the month in our group was "box" I did a little "resurrecting"It is only about 6" high, a domino box for "little"" people.


Jo Horswill said...

Wonderful post Janette...
It's very exciting about your move into the city.
Thanks for showing your 'diary quilt', art is such a great healer and helper in all sorts of ways.
And I thought the nailed board was the beginning of an art piece...great idea for your cotton reels...

Jeane said...

Loved the story of the lady window washer and also your quilt - what a wonderful idea.

Ro Bruhn said...

Love your nailed ironing board, this will be a piece of art in itself especially with the colour cottons on board.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your quilt is beautiful as well as this box. I am glad you feel comfortable with your "new city life". I became a widow at 48 and picked myself up and moved here at the beach and never looked back...we always know where we need to be!

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Thanks Jeanne and Ro, you are so encouraging.
Blue Sky Dreaming whatamazing is how we all have different needs.I grew up by the beach but have gravitated the other way.

Mummy/Crit said...

It's very exciting about your move - we looked on Google the other night, and your window washer story warms my heart.

julie king said...

my first visit to your blog. what a lovely place to visit! your quilt is extraordinary!