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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I can't believe its not......

After such a harsh couple of months with high temperatures and hot winds there was no lawn and no garden and we have had about a week of rain and this is the garden now.

I find the garden an extraordinary miracle and I know that I will miss its comfort and beauty but I will really miss the fruit trees. The persimmons are coming outThey hang like golden baubles in the autumn, the leaves go a beautiful red and then abandon the fruit to its short time hanging like little presents waiting to be picked.

In every change there are the moments that will not be recaptured.

This is my house taken from outside and it just makes me want to go in.

I signed for my new house yesterday and talked to the lass who was selling and she is lovely and says the neighbours are really great and she can't wait to introduce me to them which reinforces my feelings about the decision.

One of the difficulties at the moment is that I am so weary, moving furniture and .....tidying......dusting......for the real estate photographer, who may come tomorrow, and I have not done any of my art. We have 2 challenges to complete in a couple of weeks "Fungi" is the 5 letter word and we are beginning a book and my topic is "Spirit"(I don't know what I was thinking)!

I will have to learn from others how to focus when I do work...Ro???? Some of you manage so much in your life and still make art..amazing.Here are some preliminary doddles of ideas.

This is one I designed for an etching

I have just discovered Ben Nicholson so I was trying out drawing a still life and not taking the pen off the paper, this was the first and up in the corner a few more "Doodles" of fungi....I tend to write on whatever is near.

How about this as my challenge!!!!!???


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

You are right...your home welcomes a visit but that probably has more to do with you, your spirit and your beautiful arrangements of things. I wanted to visit as soon as I saw the photo!
Fungi sounds so interesting and so full of shape.
Good luck on this move...sounds like you have made a great choice! Will you have room for a garden?

Jo Horswill said...

It's amazing how the "green" has sprung back into our gardens...yours is beautiful Jan.

Anonymous said...

I have found your posting very interesting especially your garden as our winter is at last over and we can look forward to Spring and Summer again. I can't wait to smell the roses and paint outside. I hope your move goes well.

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Blue Sky Dreaming No I only have a courtyard but as this garden was "downsizing" I am ready to go even smaller. is lovely and amazing
Carolanne thanks for visiting that is where blogging is so amazing corresponding around the world

Ro Bruhn said...

Your garden's beautiful Janette. Will you have any garden at your new home? I love your sketches too.
The secret to getting things done is minimal housework. We're both at work all day so the house doesn't get messed up, it just gets a quick whip around at the weekend. Art definitely comes before housework.