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Sunday, March 15, 2009


The exhibition ended yesterday and we had to take back what we had not sold, what made me sad was seeing the ones I HAD sold and that I was not going to see again. As I am new to the game it was a loss.
Stangely we were all fairly sober picking them up that is except Jo (Mystory) who was still her ebulliant and enthusiastic self. She had wonderful news about the reactions which she will fully impart tomorrow at the meeting of the "Very Stuff" group.
These two I will especially miss as I do not know where they have gone....anyway to move on
Tomorrow, for the first meeting of the group after the big one, our topic is "Box"
Here are 3 boxes I have made out of recycled jumpers and felt pieces. They fit inside each other.
If I have time I will do another.

A radical change in the light for the last one.

So looking forward to the meeting tomorrow with the" girls".


Jo Horswill said...

I was so thrilled with it all Jan, but
I felt like a "lost soul" when I got back from the gallery yesterday.
I am ecxited about where to next though!!!
Boxes are great!!!and yes looking forward to being with "the girls" tomorrow.

Jeane said...

Jeanette - these are extremely yummy!

Miriam said...

Jan, the boxes are gorgeous, very inspiring xx

Jacky said...

Textile them all Janette!
Congratulations on an extremely successful first exhibition for your group!!!