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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Art Class, end of term

Had the most wonderful class at Painting today.
Our teacher Ron Reynolds is inspiring, extremely generous and encouraging and not at all didactic.
The society itself is quite conservative," still life with flowers" stuff (Some of my favouite painters do that) but I think you can imagine what I mean.
Well today we played with puting the paint directly from the tube and working in to it with a dry brush.
I asked the class and they were quite happy for me to show some of the work.Sorry about the masking tape....this was a remarkable painting from a true realist painting.
It was great not having to be "hemmed in"


Miriam said...


Dolores said...

I wish I could follow you for a day or a week. You seem to have so much fun creating.

Jeane said...

I love all the interpretations - the purple is my fav - love that the bottles are on a curve - very interesting...

Jo Horswill said...

This post is like visiting a gallery...wonderful diverse.
I like this technique too, so all colour mixing would be done on the canvas? no palette!

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous array of paintings, it's interesting to see the different interpretations of the same subject.